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What is the benefit of Membership to you?

Membership with Island Air Ambulance will shield you from out-of-pocket expenses not covered by your insurance in the event you are transported by our air ambulance service.

How does membership work?

Although you do not have to be a member to be transported, membership offers important benefits. Island Air Ambulance will work on your behalf with your benefits providers to secure payment for your air ambulance flight. Any remaining amounts are considered to be fully paid as long as you have an active membership at time of transport.

Who is eligible for Membership?

Household members are eligible for Membership provided they are listed on the Membership Application and have current medical insurance with an ambulance benefit. Household members with Medicaid or no health insurance are not eligible for membership.

What does an Island Air Ambulance Membership cost?

Island Air membership is $39 per year per household. Vacation Memberships for 3 continuous months are $25.

Is an Island Air Ambulance Membership considered insurance?

No, Island Air Ambulance Membership is not an insurance policy and cannot be considered as secondary insurance coverage or as supplemental coverage to any insurance policy.

Can I sign up and renew online?

Yes, you can sign up and renew your membership at or by using the Wild Apricot for Members app with your Island Air Ambulance account information.

Does my Membership automatically renew?

Starting Jan. 1st 2021, automatic renewal is an option. If you do not wish to renew automatically, members will be notified via email 30 days, 7 days, and 1 day prior to their membership expiration.

How can I check if my membership is active or when it renews?

By logging into your account at or on the Wild Apricot for Members app with your Island Air Ambulance account login.

If I have a medical emergency, should I still call 911?

Always call 911 in an emergency. Transport services can only by dispatched by emergency personnel.

Who makes the decision on if and how I will be transported?

There are established protocols that Physicians and EMS Professionals use on a case-by-case basis to determine the most appropriate resource for medical transportation. Factors that are considered include patient condition, weather, appropriate receiving facility, the availability of local and regional ground and aeromedical resources, timing and the location and bed availability of hospitals to name a few.

What if I can’t afford a Membership or medical insurance and end up being flown by Island Air Ambulance?

Island Air Ambulance has developed a hardship policy that may waive or substantially reduce the amount billed. This policy is implemented on a case-by-case basis, requires an application and will require the patient to substantiate the hardship.

Will Island Air Ambulance transport me without a Membership or medical insurance?

Yes, Island Air Ambulance will transport patients regardless of insurance or ability to pay.

Who do I contact about patient billing questions?

Island Air Ambulance utilizes a contract billing company which is very familiar with our unique island setting. Direct contact information for our billing company can be provided on request.

I have an Membership with Airlift Northwest, do I also need an Island Air Ambulance Membership?

Yes, if you wish to be shielded from out-of-pocket expenses in the event you are flown on one of Island Air Ambulance’s fixed wing aircraft.

If Island Air Ambulance is not available, will my Membership cover another aeromedical provider?

No, not at this time. We recommend maintaining memberships with both aeromedical providers to ensure coverage in any transport circumstance.

Does Island Air Ambulance offer Group Membership discounts?

Yes, Island Air Ambulance offers group membership discounts. Please contact our office for additional details.

How do I add or remove a member of my household to my Membership?

Members can update their list of household members online by logging into their account through our website or by calling our office, 360-378-2376. Changes can also be made through the Wild Apricot for Members app with your Island Air Ambulance login info.

Can a family member accompany me on the flight at no extra cost?

A family member can often accompany the patient if approved by the pilot.

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